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So who needs insurance in SA? The answer is EVERYONE. If you are a driver in SA, and particularly one in Johannesburg, it is more a case of driving defensively than anything else, and if you are not lucky enough to dodge the taxis, the potholes, and the lights that are constantly out of order, and the chances are that you will need some type of insurance cover. BMW Insurance will offer you the kind of cover you deserve, and best of all is that BMW Financial Service is underwritten by Guardrisk Insurance and administered By Alexander Forbes.

Did you know the very first serious motor vehicle accident in SA took place on the 1st October 1903? The car was driven by Charles Garlick who was driving his father’s Darracq and who tried to cross a railway crossing in Maitland, only to discover that the opposite gate was closed  – and before he could retract his steps, they were hit by the Johannesburg Express barreling down on them at full speed. Interestingly enough all the passengers and the driver walked away with relatively mild injuries.

Thirty million people have died in motor-related vehicle accidents since the first motor accident happened in SA over a century ago. With stats such as these, it is therefore not surprising that insurance has become an essential part of our existence.

It is a well-recorded fact that the attitudes of motorists regarding rail crossings to be lackadaisical – and it seems as if little has changed since – an entire century later.

BMW insurance is there to assist should you be involved in an accident or if your car gets stolen. In SA it is really not advisable to have no cover at all – weigh up the options, do the sums and compare insurance packages and quotes online from a plethora of insurance companies to find the one that covers your individual needs.


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