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Trying to find car insurance in South Africa can be an overwhelming task. Not only do you have the all of the established local companies to sift through, but almost every major international insurance company has established a division in South Africa. The best approach to narrow down the candidates for your provider is to begin by looking at what you can afford and what you need to cover.

Car insurance in South Africa is offered in short term and temporary time frames. A short term policy is the typical car insurance agreement that is reviewed and renewed each year. Car insurance is short term because people are more apt to change their cars often whereas insurance covers for homeowners will be long term as people are less likely to change their homes frequently. Temporary car insurance covers both the use of car rentals and people who rarely drive or drive only seasonally. There are many new products that are geared towards South African women with an emphasis on providing temporary insurance as their driving habits tend toward the infrequent, the rental and the seasonal. Ask a representative of the insurance company or your local insurance broker for more information on policies for women drivers.

Once you have narrowed down the policies you are considering for car insurance in South Africa, you need to compare the prices of the premiums. Make sure that the cost of the premium is affordable for you for the entire length of the policy and not just because you happen to have a windfall of money now. Carefully plan your budget to include the premiums and make sure the amount is secure in its arrival in your accounts. From there, pick the offering that offers the coverage you need. You can then purchase the product online, if the company offers this option or contact the agent or a broker to negotiate the deal.

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