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grey car and blue carWe all should be familiar with traffic circles, and these should be pretty simple to figure out – but traffic circles leave many drivers quite dizzy and confused. Carprehensive have a couple of pointers for SA drivers to take heed when approaching traffic circles – fewer accidents after all mean fewer claims.

•    The rule is to give way to all vehicles approaching from the right that have crossed the yield line before you.
•    The first thing to do when approaching a traffic circle indicated by a triangular warning sign with a red background and a trio of black arrows curved in a clockwise direction, is to slow down.
•    Ascertain where the intersection actually starts, as the yield may be either faded or obscured.
•    It is important to know where the circle starts because this determines who is in and who is approaching the circle.
•    It is much a first-come-first-served arrangement which is different to a four-way stop.
•    The official legislation states that the traffic circle sign indicates to the driver of a vehicle that he or she shall move in a clockwise direction at the junction ahead and he or she shall yield right of way to traffic approaching from the right, within the roundabout, where such vehicles are so close as to constitute a danger or potential danger.
•    Simply put only leave the circle when it is safe to do so.
•    There is no hard and fast rule to say you cannot leave from the inner lane though logically activating your left-hand indicator and moving to the outer lane well before peeling off is the best way to do it.

Remember that approaching these circles with caution is perhaps the best practice of all. Carprehensive Cover is there to give peace of mind, but prevention is always better than cure.

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