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To get cheap insurance quotes you have to understand the many factors that are involved in the risk assessment companies use to determine your premium rate. While the type of insurance you choose, comprehensive or liability, will have a great effect on the overall cost of the policy; there are other factors considered. You have control over some of the factors and can influence the price to secure the best, cheap insurance quotes possible.
Cheap insurance quotes reflect not just the risk category the insurance company puts you in, but the choices you make to lessen the risk that the company has to carry. If you choose to attach a high excess amount to a policy, this can significantly reduce the premium. The excess is the amount you must pay first towards a repair or damage claim before the company will pay out the claim. The larger the excess, the less burden on the company but the more you bear. This can make a policy appear cheap when in fact, it will turn out to be quite expensive should something happen. You can reduce your risk level by avoiding the purchase of luxury or performance cars. Insurance companies see luxury cars as a high theft or hijacking risk. Performance cars are considered to go hand in hand with reckless driving. The less opportunity you give the company to assign you risk, the more likely you are to see cheap insurance quotes.
There are some risk factors that you cannot avoid but you can still get cheap insurance quotes even if they exist. If you are under the age of 25, you are considered a risk. If you live in a high crime area, unless you can move, you will be in a high risk category. Lastly, pay attention to your driving history. A driving history with several violations on it will indicate that you are indeed, a high risk to insure.

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