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When taking out a new motor vehicle insurance policy, one of the biggest errors of judgment that most motor vehicle owners make, is that they end up paying large sums of money for an insurance policy that is totally unsuitable. On top of which, they may have failed to notice that their insurance policy could have been purchased elsewhere for much less money. This occurs because they did not shop around and just went with the first company that came along.

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Looking for cheap car insurance can be a time consuming process, as there are many companies in South Africa that are offering motor vehicle insurance policies. That means that it can be difficult to navigate through the maze that is motor vehicle insurance policies and their terms and conditions. Trying to find the cheapest car insurance policy that best suits your needs means taking your time and making the effort to really look at what companies are providing the cover you need, for the lowest price.

Your first course of action, when it comes to looking for the cheapest motor vehicle insurance for your car, is to make a list of as many of the motor vehicle insurance companies as you can find. Look on the internet for the national companies, but also, do not neglect the smaller, regional companies, who may be able to offer good deals to local people. You should look for these companies in your local business pages or telephone directory. That way you will have a list that has a nice mix of local as well as national motor vehicle insurance companies.

Next, you should work through your list, one company at a time, and obtain as many quotes as you can for the insurance policy that best suits your, age, motor vehicle and driving history. Then once you have motor vehicle quotes from all of the companies on your list, you can begin to compare the prices of their cheapest quotes against each other, as well as the amount of insurance cover that you will receive.

Once you have narrowed down your motor vehicle insurance policy list, down to one or two companies, you can then make contact with them and begin negotiating as you may even be able to get the cheapest quote even cheaper. It is not uncommon for motor vehicle insurance companies to try and raise the cost of your insurance policy quote when speaking to you in person. They may try and say that the information you provided them was incomplete, and that the quote you received was lower than it should be. That is why you need to make sure that when you provide the information for your car insurance quote that you give the most accurate information in order to get the most accurate quote. Bargaining with the motor vehicle insurance company will enable you to get the lowest price possible in return for the best level of coverage that you and your car need.


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