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I am a young male driver (21) and was finding it very time consuming having to call around all the different insurance companies to see what kind of quote they would give me. I am still at university so money is tight and I have to work all summer to pay for my car. This means I need to get the best deal possible when it comes to the insurance. A guy in work told me he had found cheap car insurance at so I thought I would have a look too. I found the site really easy to use and once I had entered a few basic details about myself and my car I got 16 separate quotes from different companies. The difference between some of them was almost half a month’s rent at university so it was definitely worth making the comparison. I will definitely use the site again next year when it’s time to renew.

Mark Breedt – Pretoria


I have two young kids who need ferrying about on a daily basis so comprehensive insurance cover is more important to me than just getting the cheapest deal available. I need to know that if something does happen my insurance company will cover it without too much hassle and get us back on the road as quickly as possible. Previously I had been checking lots of different insurance company websites and going through their policy breakdowns to see what kind of cover was available but I then came across and it took all the hassle out of the search for me. I’m a busy Mum so anything that saves me time is a bonus! I entered my details and got loads of quotes which also included breakdowns of what the cover included so I could see at a glance if the policy was right for me and my family. We ended up changing to a new provider and saved money in the process.

Jacqueline Bornman – Durban


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