Finding the Best Car Insurance in South Africa

In South Africa there are many car insurance companies and many factors to consider when choosing the best car insurance to suit your needs. Factors include the type of coverage, the responsiveness of the insurance company, the number of complaints made against an insurance company to name a few. You should also take a look at the size of the company and the number of customers they have.

Often consumers overlook these important factors. You should always get an idea of the amount of coverage the car insurance company provides. There are different types including comprehensive car insurance, which is the maximum protection for your vehicle. It usually covers against damage incurred in an accident, fire & natural disaster and also provides protection against theft, criminal damage and third party car damage. You also get third party fire & theft insurance which covers the damage you might do to another vehicle or cover against theft, hijacking as well as damage caused by fire.

There are many different types of car insurance cover, so when you are looking to take out the best car insurance policy to suit your needs, make sure to know all the relevant info. Most insurers offer a number of useful value-adds and perks to their products, most of which are forgotten by consumers. These extras include roadside assistance, medical care, legal assistance and even discounts on services and products.

So how does one find the best car insurance? According to a newly developed financial comparison website Likemoney, Discovery car insurance was the best car insurance company rated by the South African Public in 2016.

Likemoney is unique in the way that the platform provides rated and reviewed products from the eye of the consumer like your friends and family. This way, not only can you compare products based on monthly fees and interest rates, but you can find financial institutions that are liked and recommended by a reliable third party source. Likemoney provides a social media comparison on the most liked financial products on the market. After all, whom do you ask when you need a recommendation? Your friends and family…

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