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Unlike most major motor companies represented in South Africa, Honda does not offer direct Honda car insurance through their financial services.  Your best bet to insure your Honda is to compare several policy offerings from at least three companies to be able to decide which best fits your insurance needs and your budget. There are some considerations you should be aware of when looking for Honda car insurance.

A Honda car budget insurance premium can vary greatly in its cost. Much of this is dependent on the usual suspects such as whether or not you have security systems installed on the vehicle, how many drivers will be registered on the policy to drive the car and whether or not you will be using it for work but there is an unusual twist to covering a Honda that can skew the rates higher. Honda makes a full range of vehicles from low end, commuting urban cars to pickup trucks, hybrids, luxury and performance models. If you approach an insurance company looking for a quote on your Honda, they will assume that you own one of the higher risk vehicles – the pickup, luxury or performance model. They are considered high risk vehicles because of their statistical chance for damage, theft or for reckless driving to occur. Be sure to be very specific about the model of Honda that you are seeking to insure and verify that the quote reflects that information.

You may also find discounts available on Honda car insurance if you own one of the Hybrid models or have invested in security and tracking devices and/or have the ability to park the car in a secure and covered area. It is always best to contact an agent or broker directly, after you have done your initial research to clarify the conditions of the insurance offerings.

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