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How to cut car insurance costs for your Toyota in South Africa

Unfortunately, high levels of car theft and criminal damage to vehicles are a well-known truth in South Africa. It’s for this reason that many people don’t bother to take out car insurance. This is particularly the case if they drive an old car or live in a high-risk area such as Johannesburg. However, if you drive a foreign car such as a Toyota, you’ve no doubt made an investment that you want to protect, so it’s in your interests to take out a car insurance policy, even if you live in a lower-risk city such as Capetown.

Taking out a car insurance policy on a foreign car can be difficult and expensive. Many auto insurance companies will avoid offering policies on foreign cars, and some will only do so if they can offer an exorbitantly high premium. Unfortunately, foreign cars are a high risk investment, as they’re common targets for theft and vandalism. In fact, Toyotas have been plagued by prohblems of criminal activity, as they are extremely popular for their high quality engines, which thieves still and then sell. The problem has been so bad that Toyota South Africa has recently introduced a number of new measures to stop thieves from being able to break into a Toyota and steal their engines and other parts.

If you want to cut the cost of your Toyota insurance, it might be a good idea to invest in one of these newer models, which boast a carefully fitted metal bracket over the engine to stop thieves from breaking in. If your model isn’t fitted with one of these devices, consult with a mechanic about having a similar bracket fitted. Other security devices such as high quality alarm systems and wheel locks may also help you to cut back your auto insurance premiums. If you have any of these fitted to your car, consult with your vehicle insurance company to see whether you may be able to slash some of the costs from your premiums as a result.

Another way to lower the cost of your insurance premiums for your car is to keep your car safely locked away when you’re at work, and during the night. Your best option is a locked garage, as these make it much harder for thieves to get away with your car. Definitely avoid leaving your car out on the street if possible, as doing so makes it an easy target for theft and vandalism. In addition, try not to draw attention to your car if possible, as this may entice criminal activity.

Finally, if you want to slash your premiums, avoid purchasing a foreign car such as a Toyota if you are a young driver or have a poor driving record. Both of these are considered risk factors, and will bump up your car insurance costs quite dramatically. And when coupled with the already high insurance costs for a Toyota, these factors can result in a jaw dropping auto insurance premium!

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