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Online car insurance quotes are a great way to compare insurance policies available in South Africa. You can get online car insurance quotes from companies that do not have offices where you live but do offer coverage in that area. You can even get quotes from some of the global companies, like Progressive and Geico. There are two ways to query for online car insurance quotes. One is to go directly to a company site that offers instant online quotes, enter you information and then review the offering. The other is to access any one of the many independent sites that will take your information and then instantly collect quotes from several companies for your review.

Online car insurance quotes tend to reflect generic policy packages. You may be presented with a minimum of options for the package and options for entering in the basics of the type of vehicle and its intended use. In order to really customize a policy and take advantage of discounts that may be available for people with good driving histories, you will need to talk to an insurance agent or broker. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t gather the online car insurance quotes, if you already have an idea of what is out there, the broker or agent will be that much better able to find a policy that meets your needs.

Another bonus of reviewing online car insurance quotes is it lets you preview the realistic cost of a policy. Policies are paid for in two ways – the premium and the excess. The premium is the payment, figured in monthly terms but usually charged by the quarter, that you must pay to keep the policy active. The excess is the amount attached to the policy that you must pay out of pocket before the insurance will take over and pay the rest of any repair or damage bill.

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