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Did you know that it will benefit your short-term cover if you do have a maintenance plan or a service plan? Prime Meridian Insurance offers a vast array of products and packages to give motorists peace of mind when purchasing a new car.

Maintenance Plan and Service Plan – these two are very important descriptions in the short-term insurance world you need to know, but what is the different between the two?

Maintenance Plan:

* A maintenance plan includes everything a service plan offers only with added extras.
* A maintenance plan covers all labour and parts costs in every service as laid down in the manufacturers servicing schedule.
* The maintenance will cover the replacement of wear-and-term items such as shock absorbers, exhausts, batteries and also breaks and clutch systems.
* Other comfort items such as air conditioner top-ups are also covered under some maintenance plans.

Service Plan:

•    A service plan will cover all the servicing costs of your vehicle.
•    A service plan will include the cost of all parts and labour when servicing your car for the duration of the contract.
•    A service plan does not cover items considered to be  “wear-and-tear”.
•    Items such as rubber boots for the driveshaft joints and the steering rack have shorter time coverage under the service plan.

There is often a bit of confusion regarding what wear and tear means. To find out what you need to cover your car for remember that the coverage offered by the service or maintenance plan has a real impact on the value of the car – therefore it might be a good idea to find this out first when looking for short term insurance for your car – whether it is Prime Meridian Insurance or another company that you have decided to use as your short-term insurer, best to do your homework first, hence giving you peace of mind.

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