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Car Protection

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Transportation is one of the biggest innovation have ever invented. It is one of the reasons why we can go places for a shorter period of time. It is very helpful in a sense that we don’t need to carry all the things we are bound to bring because we can easily just put things on that vehicle and travel it to another place.

As for today, having a car is not only a luxury but it also a necessity. And as being part of our life we need to make sure the safety of our car and as well us ourselves. We cannot know what might happen upon us driving; there are reckless drivers that might hit our car that can cause damage to us and to our cars. It’s hard when we are damaged and yet we have to spend money just to settle things out. That’s why we need to have car insurance.

Car Insurance or auto insurance is legal bond between an insurer and insured for their cars, motorcycles, trucks and other vehicle. It is primarily use for the protection of the car owner that is meant to provide financial protection against physical damage or body injury resulting from the collision of the car. It could also be a financial protection against theft of a vehicle. This insurance is like other agreement too, you are no longer covered if you finished the contract. You have to renew it or constantly paid for it for continues protection. This depends on the span of time that a car owner wants to have.

Car insurance protects Third Party, Own Damage, Theft, Unnamed Passenger Personal, and acts of nature.

Third party insurance protects the assured against the liability of death or injured body to third party arising from accident caused by the insured vehicle. It could also be the coverage secures the assured against liability for damaged cause by the insured vehicle to the property of the third party. While the own vehicle damage protects the insured against the damages to the property arising from the accidental collision, falling, fire and malicious act of the third party. With Theft covers the assured in case of loss of the whole insured vehicle or even the parts of the vehicle resulting from the thieves. Another will be coverage financially for passengers against the injury or death arising from a car accident. Last but not the least is Act of nature, it is insurance for damaged vehicle caused by earthquake, typhoon, flood, volcanic eruption, lightning, fire and other catastrophe.

Aside from these protections, there are added services that you can also have for your car. Roadside assistance is a program in which it provides towing services in case of accident or mechanical breakdown. Automatic Technical Assistance and casa repair.

These are the types of insurance you can have that can provide comprehensive coverage that can tailor suit your needs for your car. You just have to choose from it or have it all. With these indemnifications you can assure your safety without worrying.

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