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Slash the costs of your South African car insurance policy

One of the reasons only thirty percent of South Africa’s car owners have a car insurance policy is due to the cost. With high rates of theft and vandalism, and rising car accident rates, cars are a high risk investment, and insurance rates tend also to be quite high as a result. However, whether you live in Capetown or Johannesburg, there are ways that you can cut the cost of your auto insurance policy while still ensuring that you have adequate coverage.

Consider your coverage type

One way to slash your auto insurance costs is to opt for a third-party car insurance policy or a no-frills insurance policy rather than a comprehensive insurance policy. A third party car insurance policy will protect you against any damage you cause to another person’s car or property, and is a good choice if your own car is old or inexpensive. Similarly, a no-frills policy can be a good idea if you want wider coverage, but only want to protect against more serious outcomes, such as an accident or the theft of the car, rather than more minor issues such as vandalism or the theft of a stereo system.

Increase your excess

One way of maintaining a comprehensive insurance policy while keeping your regular insurance premiums more affordable is to opt for a more expensive excess. The excess is the amount that you pay when you have to make a claim. Typically by increasing the excess you’ll lower your car insurance premiums, and vice-versa. However, doing so is a gamble, so it’s a good idea to consider how likely you are to have to make a claim. For example, if you live in an area where theft is very common, then you might reconsider increasing your premium. However, if you live in a safer area, raising your excess might be a viable idea.

Consider what your car says about you

Foreign cars are popular targets for theft and vandalism, and as a result, insurance premiums for foreign cars such as Mercedes, BMWs or Hondas can be quite high. If you drive a flashy European import, then you’ll have to be content with paying high premiums. However, if you’d rather not pay through the teeth for insurance, opting for a local model will help you cut your insurance fees by a significant amount.

Improve your car’s security

One simple way to slash your insurance premiums is to keep your car safe. Parking your car on the street at night is guaranteed temptation to thieves and vandals, so it’s no wonder your insurance company will penalise you for doing so. Instead, park your car in a locked garage at night, and even during the day if at all possible. Doing so will decrease the risk of your car being stolen, and will slash your premiums as a result. In addition, installing security features such as wheel locks, a central locking system, and an immobiliser can help improve the security of your car; tinted windows are another good way to help lower the costs of your auto insurance.

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