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In South Africa  insurance can be very expensive but you can’t do without it. Besides the legal requirements for insurance, it is the best way to protect your life and the belongings you have worked so hard to acquire. Insurance covers everything from your vehicle to home to medical and disability needs. There are more categories of cover than just the ones listed, the offering are varied and comprehensive.

The advantage of the Internet is you can now search South Africa for insurance companies providing policies within the country. Companies can range from local ones to international corporations like Geico and Progressive. The advantage of using a local company is their service agents will understand the local laws and culture better, but the international insurance companies have the size and resources to offer greater discounts on policies. The disadvantage of using a local company is that they will be more aware of the hidden risk areas of the country. The disadvantage of using the global companies is they are so large it is nearly impossible for them to know you as more than an account number.

Selecting from one from the list of companies in South Africa offering insurance patience. You should always compare at least three companies. This will help you see the strengths and weaknesses in each policy. Knowing what you need, what you can afford and also, how you expect your needs to change over time is also important. An insurance policy should be able to change with your needs without it costing a fortune to update or add to a policy.  Make sure that you read all of the fine print associated with a policy and ask any questions you may have before making a commitment. If the insurance agent or broker does not answer your questions or pressures you to sign the policy don’t give them your business. You want an insurance company that is interested in more than just your premium and can deliver on their insurance claims.

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