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A car crash on Jagtvej in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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If you are worried that you are not getting the best deal possible on your car insurance, then you are not alone, as many people often find themselves in the same situation. Most car owners do not realise that they are actually paying way too much for their motor vehicle insurance and that finding a cheaper deal is not as problematic as they have been lead to believe.

The best way to find cheap car insurance in South Africa is to compare car insurance quotes from a number of different providers. This is a task that is best completed with the help of the internet as it will save you time and energy, unlike the alternative of contacting or visiting each insurance company in turn. More often than not, most motor vehicle insurance companies will be able to offer differing car insurance policies depending on the age, vehicle and driving history of the applicant.

Another way to lower the costs of your car insurance premiums is to make sure that if you have more than one motor vehicle, that you insure them all with the same insurance provider. By doing this, they can offer you a discount for placing all of your motor vehicles on one policy. Or alternatively, if you do not have more than one car, if the insurance company also offer insurance on other items, such as home or content, then by switching all of your insurances to one company, they should offer you a discount for all of your insurance needs.

Motor vehicle insurance companies also favour people who make sure that they have minimised the risk of theft and vandalism, by making sure that their vehicle is safe when not being used. Storing your motor vehicle off the road and fitting it with anti-theft devices, such as immobilisers and alarms, mean that your vehicle is less likely to be stolen or vandalised. As a result of this, there is less financial risk from the insurance company’s point of view, which in turn means that they can charge you less money.

The type of car or cars that you own is also another factor when it comes to an insurance company working out the cost of your insurance premiums. If you own a sports car or a luxury car then there is more chance of it being stolen or vandalised than an older car of less worth.

When the time comes to renew your car insurance then you need to make sure that you have a good clean credit history and that you have always paid your premiums on time. This will go some way to making your insurance premiums lower due to the fact that the insurance company will trust you to make you payments in full and on time.

With a little bit of time and effort on your part, you can say goodbye to the days when you paid a lot of your hard earned money on expensive car insurance policies, and switch to a lower tariff that gives you the same level of coverage.


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