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Toyota Financial Services is a direct provider of Toyota car insurance in South Africa. While you can insure your Toyota with any company, only Toyota itself has the kind of unique insurance products that would appeal to a Toyota owner. The company is global and can afford to offer reasonable rates and discounts. They also have access to your service records so they know exactly what kind of condition the car is in and what kind of risk it holds, if any.

Toyota car insurance offers comprehensive, focused and limited liability policies. Comprehensive insurance is the best that you can get as it covers all events at the maximum claim payout rate, but the premium payments may be too expensive for your budget. Limited liability policies are the most affordable and provide the minimum insurance coverage as allowed by law. It is Toyota’s line of focused car insurance products that sets them apart from other insurance companies. These products are only available through Toyota Financial Services.

Focused Toyota car insurance allows you to pick up long and short term policies that have a narrow cover focus. You can get a policy that is only to repair small damages, such as dents and dings that might be caused by a car door opening into yours in a parking lot or rocks flying up from the road and scratching the paint. You can choose a policy that will repay you the deposit and amount of equity you have in the car should it become lost, totaled or stolen. You can also get a focused policy that will protect you in case of retrenchment. By keeping these types of covers under separate policies you can add to them or discontinue them at will without affecting or interrupting your total car coverage. That can save you money as your life continues to expand and change.

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