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If you live in Jo’burg, you might think that “semigrating” to Cape Town is a far safer option when it comes to crime and security. This is not quite the case – it only gives one a false sense of security due to the fact that the pace is a lot slower and the ambiance a lot more relaxed. Car insurance in Cape Town is as important as anywhere else in SA.

Lock-up parking is also limited in this lovely city – yes the sea is stunning and so is Table Mountain – but there are also a lot of young people who drive old cars, and who don’t have lock up parking facilities. Old cars are often not worth insuring (so we often led to believe) as they are usually the “skedonks” that most youngsters and students drive.

Remember in Cape Town the desire to impress is not as important as it is in the more plastic environment of Johannesburg – you can get away with a couple of patches of rust on the paintwork on your car, and the primary reason for owning a car in Cape Town is to get from one end to another.

Another important reason to drive in Cape Town is to keep dry, due to copious amounts of rain

Because Cape Town is bursting with young people and students, all you need to impress chicks is a set of wheels that you don’t have to push – in Jo’burg you need a Beamer or more otherwise the chicks won’t even look at you! So whether you have a Beamer or a “skedonk” you need car insurance.

When looking at car insurance in Cape Town – if you do not want to pay for the whole enchilada – the bare minimum cover of third party, fire and theft is more than essential. And if your car is old – it is also important to fit it with a four-phase gear lock to deter theft.


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