Get insurance for your car

With so many types of car brands out there, it’s amazing that there aren’t more specific car insurance types out there. So what we’ve done considering we’re a comparison site, is put together a list of car brands that we know will bring you some of the best pricing of any car insurance site out there.

Audi insurance – A super car in my eyes. With South African sportsmen now being sponsored by Audi, it’s now wonder this car is growing in stature
Bmw insurance – As far as I’m concerned BMW, best car out there.
Honda insurance – Japanese competition, not a big seller anymore. Still a popular car though.
Hyundai insurance – A new player in terms of car makes. Now a big seller.
Mercedes Benz insurance – The rich man’s old man car.
Toyota insurance – Biggest selling car in the world. No wonder we get some many quotes for Toyota.