New National Insurance

New National Insurance is the First Fully Black-Owned short-term insurance company in SA. The company was formed in 1972, and was able to meet the goals of the 2004 Financial Services Charter on Black Economic Empowerment 30 years ago. This is a company that is able to offer dynamic and tailored short-term insurance products that will suit all your business and personal requirements.

With a dynamic approach that is flexible to the financial strategies, the insurance policies are simple to understand. A long-term client base, on meeting the most basic needs of its clients have enabled this insurance company to be on a par with the giants in the industry.
New National Insurance offers cover for personal and business

  • Cover for motor vehicles
  • Accident insurance
  • Household building cover
  • Household content cover
  • All Risks
  • Personal Legal Liability
  • Pleasure Craft
  • Group Personal Accident

For your business cover you can get cover for

  • Trading markets
  • Fluctuations in the markets
  • Risky debtors and much more such as machine failure and goods in transit
  • Motor vehicle insurance; this insurance will cover a fleet and commercial vehicles as well as buses and vehicles used for driving schools.
  • Commercial and industrial cover; this includes all-risk, fire, theft as well as accounts receivable.
  • Maritime cover that will cover damage
  • Construction
  • Liability
  • Guarantee cover for utilities and deceased estates, court bonds as well as custom and excise bonds.
  • New National Insurance covers forgeries, employee dishonesty and internal losses.

Needless to say, with a business partner the likes of New National Insurance, you will be making an excellent choice