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You can get Audi car insurance direct through Audi itself through their Audisure Product line. Audisure offers a complete line of auto and personal insurance products that are administered through Hollard Insurance. For Audi owners, knowing their policy is carried by people who understand their cars can bring peace of mind.

You can also get Audi car insurance through any insurance company that is licensed to issue policies in South Africa. While their initial policy offerings may seem cheaper than the Audisure products, make sure to read the fine print carefully.  An Audi is considered both a luxury and sport car. This moves the vehicle into two of the highest risk categories that will increase your insurance premium. Luxury cars are seen as a high risk for theft and hijacking. Sport cars as seen as risks for reckless driving and accidents.

Read the details on the Audi car insurance policies carefully to find out what you can do to reduce the perception of the car being a high risk item. Most policies will adjust rates down if you can document that you have installed security and tracking systems, limit access to the car and park the car in an enclosed and secure area. Some companies are so keen to reduce their risk of paying out on a claim that they will sponsor the installation of security devices as part of the policy and premium rate. You also want to make sure that there is adequate towing and recovery services provided for, as you will not want to abandon an Audi on the side of the road. Most companies offering Audi car insurance will offer discount memberships in road side assistance clubs. These clubs are good ideas to join as they will be capable of providing service to you where-ever you are in South Africa.

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