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Taking out auto insurance for your BMW or Mercedes in South Africa

If you’ve just indulged your lifelong passion for a European car, and you’re about to take it out for a spin, stop and think for a moment before doing so. Chances are that if you haven’t purchased the car using a line of credit, then you don’t have a comprehensive insurance policy. And while South African law does provide third party insurance through the Road Accident Fund, the degree of coverage offered by this program is not enough to give you peace of mind when it comes to a glossy European car such as your new purchase.

Foreign cars can be almost expensive to insure as they are to buy, but paying for comprehensive insurance for your BMW or Mercedes is well worth it, even if you live somewhere relatively safe such as Capetown. Theft and vandalism are major risks in all area of South Africa, and gleaming foreign cars are a particularly popular target. In addition, fewer than thirty percent of drivers have insurance for their vehicle, meaning that if you get into an accident that’s not your fault, you’ll be very unlikely to receive any form of compensation for any damages caused. For this reason you’ll want to spend some time looking at online auto insurance quotes for your new car.

Insuring your BMW or Mercedes can be difficult, particularly if you’ve bought a model that is designed for European roads. Left-hand drive cars, for example, can be quite difficult to insure, and if you do find an insurance company willing to do so, the costs can be quite hefty. Still, the costs of vehicular insurance are much lower than the cost of buying a new car if yours is stolen or damaged beyond repair!

When looking for an auto insurance provider for your European car, you’ll want to take some time to source quotes from various insurance providers. Depending on where you live in South Africa, you may prefer to do this in person or on the phone, but usually doing so online is the best option. Use an insurance quote service to find the best insurance quote for your car, and you should end up with some viable options that you’ll want to investigate further. Do bear in mind, however, that quotes are only ever estimates, and that you may need to provide further information before getting a final figure.

If you’re daunted by the potential costs of an auto insurance policy for your new foreign car, then you may want to consider useful strategies such as improving the security system of your car, ensuring that it’s safely locked away at night, and seeing whether you can bundle your car insurance with an existing insurance policy, as this can help slash your premium. In addition, if you have bought a car with your partner, and your partner has a better driving record with you, then it may be in your interests to nominate your partner as the main or regular driver, as this can help cut your auto insurance costs.

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