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Car Insurance

Car insurance quotes – We can almost guarantee a better quote price with a great selection of car insurance quotes from
Car insurance online – You cannot leave this website without checking out the great information we have for you.
Need to compare car insurance quotes?
Apparently cheaper auto insurance – A silly little post on cheaper auto insurance. I mean what is auto insurance and who talks like that?
Breaking down an online insurance quote – Pretty self explanatory
Influencing car insurance policies – What factors affect car insurance policies in South africa?
Insuring a foreign car in South Africa – Again, what it says 🙂
Auto Insurance Quotes can be obtained for any car, motorcar, motorcycle, trailers, automobile, van registered within South Africa.

If you are asking yourself the question: Why do I need Car Insurance? The answer is simple; without it you are not covered and can be liable not just for damages to your vehicle but damages to a third parties vehicle and or property.

As within many other countries Auto Insurance premiums are dependent on a number of factors including the value of the vehicle being insured as well as the age and past driving history of the driver. For instance, if you are under the age of 25 your car insurance premiums will be more expensive than if you are older than 25, or even older than 30. In the same manner Car Insurance premiums will be more expensive for you if you have a bad driving record. What is a bad driving record? A bad driving record means that you have amassed many tickets and violations and in the eyes of the insurer, you are at a higher risk and therefore your car insurance premiums will be “not so cheap”.

You can obtain a car insurance quote for yourself, as well as for your family and / or business. Obtaining these car insurance quotes is important because you will get a chance to actually Compare  instead of just having one provider to choose from. This is one of the major advantages of finding cheaper premuims as opposed to walking into a physical location office or a bank. Our new Online quoting system is currently being implemented and will be live, up and running this week to make your experience even easier.

As previously mentioned, Online Car Insurance is something new to South Africa but is the best way to find the premiums that you’re looking for at low values and obtaining the fastest response from providers. The power of the internet is here to help you.

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