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BMW car insurance can be acquired online or off through any one of a number of South African or global insurance companies. A BMW’s are considered luxury cars and therefore a high risk to insure due to their theft value, the premiums for an insurance policy will be higher than on other cars. Fortunately, there are also aspects of a BMW that work to keep the premium costs down as well.

BMW car insurance is going to place a heavy emphasis on the car having security features in order to bring the premium rate down. Newer model BMWs already come with enough safety features to almost satisfy most insurance companies, but many want to see the owner install additional tracking devices and some will make discounts available to policy holders to do so. A luxury car, such as a BMW, is considered a target risk for theft. If you also live in a high crime area or one known for hijacking, you can expect higher rates as well. Were you park the BMW will influence your premium rate greatly. If you can report that you park it in a garage you will see your rates drop as that is considered a means of securing the car.

BMW car insurance also becomes more expensive than other cars as they are perceived as a driving history risk. They are fast, flashy cars and the expectation is that you will be tempted to drive in a fast and flashy manner. If one of the drivers listed for the vehicle is 25 years of age or younger, you can expect to pay much more in order to offset the risk of reckless driving. BMWs also require more expensive parts during repair than other types of vehicles. Your insurance premium will reflect the risk for the company in agreeing to cover body and mechanical repairs in the event of an accident.

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