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According to a statistic, there are many road traffic accidents each day in South Africa and they can vary from the minor to something much more serious. Yet there are still many people who are driving without adequate motor vehicle insurance and it does not take a massive accident to cost you a lot of money when it comes to the repair bill.

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For a lot of people, the reason that they do not have their motor vehicle insured is because they feel that the amount of money that they are expected to pay each month for their premium is too high. Because they feel that they would be paying too much money, this leads them to take the risk of driving without insurance, in the hope that they do not have an accident.

With the number of accidents taking place on South African roads increasing, now is the time to start looking for cheap car insurance. Because of the global financial problems that are affecting most people in some way, a lot of people are looking out for the best deals on their car insurance.

As with most insurance policies there is an excess to pay. This is the amount of money that you will be expected to pay towards the final repair bill of your vehicle before the insurance company pays out. The higher you set the excess limit when you first take out the policy, the lower your monthly payments will be on your insurance policy. Taking on a higher excess is a good idea if you are a safe driver and you live in an area that is considered to be safe as you are less likely to have an accident or have your car vandalised.

If you already have a car insurance policy, then when the time comes to renew it, you can often negotiate a new deal for less monthly payments. This is especially so if you have never made an insurance claim and have been a good and loyal customer for a number of years, as well as paying your premiums on time and in full every month. The majority of insurance companies will not want to risk losing you as a customer and will in all likelihood, offer you the same policy at a slightly reduced rate in order to keep your custom.

In South Africa as with most countries around the globe, all insurance policy premiums are tailored to suit the driving history and aptitude of the individual in question. For example, if you are aged under 25 years old, you can expect to pay more than someone older than 25, plus if you are a driver who has had a lot of accidents you can also expect to pay more each month.

In order to find the best motor vehicle insurance that suits your needs and circumstances, it is good idea to search for car insurance quotes online via the internet. That way you can expect to find suitable car insurance for a price you can afford.


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