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Finding quality Car Insurance Quotes in SA can be one of the most difficult tasks in terms of making sure you are hedging against risks and liability.  This is why we provide constant up to date reviews and comparisons on websites and insurers that offer services to drivers within South Africa.

Start now by obtaining an Auto Insurance Quote by clicking on “start quote”.  You will be awarded with over 9 top quality Auto Insurance Quotes which you can compare and contrast against each other.  This is so important and essential in finding the right policy, and not just the Cheapest policy.  Monthly Insurance Premiums can often be misleading and it is beneficial to have a full understanding of what is being offered and how long you are actually bound to an agreement with a Cheap Auto Insurance company.

One of the focuses of our site is to review Car Insurance services such as Hippo which offers a variety of Insurance Quote and policy services including Car, Life, Medical Aid and others.  As with any Online Car Insurance service it is important to read the reviews and to use comparisons when it comes to Auto Insurance Quotes.

Hippo has a very nice website with a very intuitive look and feel.  The site itself has a very web 2.0 feel and we think that many users will appreciate this considering many South African sites are just starting to become more modernized.  It seems as though Telesure runs this site as one of its many brands in terms of offering Car Insurance policies to South Africans.  As the name suggests the animal itself is the mascot of the website, which is actually quite funny.

Our editors rate the service with 4 out of 5 stars.  Our Online Car Insurance specialists and experts will continue to find the best deals within SA for our users.  We have a very high user satisfaction rate but are always open to criticism; so please contact us if you have any.  We are here to not only deliver premium, high quality Vehicle Insurance but to also review other companies that offer services and write policies and cover for your specific condition.

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