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Hollard Insurance offers two solutions, both of which provide tax-free cash lump sums, which are designed to pay off your debts and help you and your family cope in the event of your death or serious illness. viz.1.    Life cover of R50 000 to R200 000 which is paid out in a lump sum on your death. You as the client are able to select the level of cover that suits your budget and your needs.  As a Hollard Life Insurance policyholder, you’ll receive up to 20% of your premiums back every five years, regardless of whether or not you claim. What a bonus to spend on yourself and your family.
As soon as you take up a Hollard Life insurance policy you will have access to a wide variety of assistance services at no additional cost, such as:
•    Support for your family in arranging your funeral, including repatriation if necessary
•    Counseling and assistance in the event of an assault or accidental HIV exposure
•    Emergency medical services in the event of an emergency
•    Legal support
•    Access to a telephonic health advice line

2.    Life cover of R200 000 to R2 million – with additional cover including occupational disability,          
       functional impairment and female trauma protection. Other benefits include:
o    Funeral support and repatriation
o    Trauma, assault and HIV protection treatment
o    Emergency medical services
o    Legal and health support benefits
o    Health support benefits

If you are diagnosed with any of these serious illnesses, Hollard Insurance will pay you the life cover benefit that you selected. Heart attack , Kidney failure, Parkinson’s Disease , Liver failure, Loss of speech, Stroke, Alzheimer’s Disease, major burns, major organ transplant, respiratory failure, blindness, paralysis, cancer, multiple Sclerosis, deafness, accidental HIV infection.

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