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Insuring your Japanese car in South Africa

Japanese cars such as Hondas, Toyotas, Isuzus, and Subarus are increasingly popular in South Africa. Not only are they usually very well priced for the quality of car that you get, but Japanese cars tend to be economical and attractive as well. However, Japanese cars can be a target for theft and vandalism in South Africa, particularly in the more crime-prone areas of cities such as Johannesburg, so if you’re about to invest in a shiny new foreign car, you’ll want to take out a car insurance policy.

However, before taking out your insurance policy, you should consider if there are any ways that you can potentially reduce your car insurance premiums. Several options for doing so automatically spring to mind.

The first is to consider the make and model of your car. If you’re considering opting for a sporty model, consider whether you might do better with a less showy model instead. Sports models stand out, and tend to attract criminal elements more than regular models do, and insurance premiums go up accordingly.

Second, consider the security system of your new Toyota or Honda, and whether there are any ways to improve the security of your car. Some tips include tinting windows to make it difficult for thieves to see in side—this can be particularly useful if you plan to install a new stereo system–as well as investing in security elements such as an alarm system, an immobiliser, and a steering wheel lock.

Third, consider your own personal driving history. Your age, driving experience, and accident history will all have an effect on the cost of your insurance policy. If you’re a young driver with a poor driving history, you’ll find that taking out an auto insurance policy isn’t particularly cheap. If this is the case, and you’re sharing the car with a partner or family member, then it might be a good idea to place the insurance policy under their name, as this may result in reduced premiums.

Another important tip when attempting to insure your newly purchased Subaru or Isuzu in South Africa is to shop around. There’s nothing wrong with sourcing as many quotes as you can in order to find the best auto insurance policy for you. Sourcing a quote is obligation free, meaning that you’re under no obligation to sign up for anything or purchase anything as a result. Take your time not only to consider the costs of different car insurance premiums, but also to consider the extent of their coverage, as well as any excess costs. Bear in mind that the cheapest auto insurance policy is often the cheapest for a reason, so don’t be fooled by clever marketing.

Opting for auto insurance for your new Japanese car is an excellent decision that will give you peace of mind in the event of theft or an accident. While car insurance premiums on foreign cars tend to be quite high in South Africa, you can take some steps to reduce your costs by carefully considering the type of car you buy, as well as how you plan to look after it.

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