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Every day, thousands of people like drivers, passengers and pedestrians die or suffer serious injuries because of negligence that leads to car accidents.

There are so many reasons why car accidents happen, but one of the most common reasons is driver’s error.

Authorities never failed on reminding people to be careful when driving or traveling, but even they remind us, accident that are caused by an individual’s negligence still cannot be avoided.

Let’s take a look at the major causes of car accidents:

Poorly Constructed Roads – Have you experienced driving on a surfaced road that felt like a dirt road or worse? Holes and unbalanced pavement can lead to serious car accidents, that you could be thrown off course and loss control of your vehicle.

Bad Weather – Many people don’t consider and don’t respect the weather when driving, another reason why many people met car accidents. Rain can absolutely cause loss of visibility, and make the road slippery that your car’s handling ability could be decreased; your survival chance in this kind of car accident is low.

Reckless driving and over-speeding – This is only great if you’re a competitor in the Grand Prix or NASCAR, but not on service roads and highways. Reckless driving and over-speeding are only for racers and for movie characters.

Remember that the faster you drive then the harder you can stop. Aggressive driving such as changing lanes and turning left or right without signaling lures accident instantly.

Driving Distractions – Distractions such as applying makeup, shaving, finding documents, picking up something, eating, changing CD and radio stations, calling and texting while on wheels, rubbernecking or arguing with someone while driving can cause a serious car accident. Always keep your eyes on the road when driving!

Drug Influence – Did anyone say bad habits can produce good results? If there is, that person is crazy, or maybe under drug influence! Taking illegal substances not only destroys the user, sometimes it can involve the person around the user. Like when driving, pedestrians get involved to car accidents because of the drugged driver’s negligence.

Drunk Driving – Just like driving while under drug influence. Alcohol related collision is one of the most irritating cases of car accident. One reason why some car insurance companies provide higher insurance premiums because of higher risks for the bad lifestyle that a car insurance policy holder’s has.


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