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Mercedes car insurance is offered directly by Mercedes through its Financial Services division. There are advantages and disadvantages to getting your policy directly from the company. The convenience of signing on with the Mercedes Financial Services insurance program cannot be denied, but it may also not provide the policy that you need.

In trying to choose the best Mercedes car insurance there are a number of factors that you should consider. Price, of course, is the one that jumps to the top of everyone’s list and it is important but it should not be the sole deciding factor when it comes to selecting the insurance provider. A Mercedes is a luxury, performance car and it requires an insurance policy that is capable of paying adequately on claims to provide for repairs or even to replace the vehicle should it be stolen. Many smaller insurance companies are not prepared to be issuing cheques for the full cost of a new Mercedes. Then again, even if you own a Mercedes that does not always mean that you have the cash flow to pay on an expensive policy each month.

As a luxury and performance car, Mercedes car insurance will be priced higher than that for a less expensive car. Luxury not only implies comfort while travelling, but an increase in theft and hijacking risk. Performance cars are viewed by the insurance industry as high risk covers as high performance can encourage reckless driving behavior. Getting your insurance direct from Mercedes can reduce some of this risk assessment because Mercedes understands that their customers invest in their cars and take great pride in them. Owners are less likely to engage in reckless driving or to go off for a Sunday drive in areas rife with crime. Weigh your options and offers carefully before making a final decision. Insurance companies want your business, but you want an insurance company that will work for you.

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