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Richard Branson’s Virgin Corporation covers just about every industry. Now you can call for a taxi on your Virgin cell phone to come take you to the airport to fly on a Virgin plane while listening to music released on Virgin record or, you can choose to save money by driving yourself in a car covered by Virgin car insurance. Virgin Money South Africa manages the insurance products offered in this country. You can visit their online site to make arrangements to receive a quote for Virgin car insurance or any of their other insurance products.

One of the advantages of signing on with Virgin car insurance is the company is multi-national. A multi-national company is slightly different from a global company. A global company offers the same product globally; a multi-national company has divisions unique to each nation that are versed in the law, culture and society of the population. South Africa presents some unique challenges for insurance providers. Densely populated and risk prone urban areas give way to whole swaths of country with poor roadways that can increase the risk of chassis damage to a vehicle. There are more “temporary” drivers in South Africa who have no need for full year coverage but require short term policies than in many other places. Virgin has built a reputation for themselves in not only providing quality products and services, but in creating products that are unique to countries and accommodate any special social needs.

You can speak directly to a Virgin car insurance representative or go through your local insurance broker to find out more about what Virgin can do for you. Virgin Money South Africa insures that you are getting the best coverage in South Africa that will meet your needs. Their policies and claim payouts are secured by their own financial service so you will never have to worry about them not meeting their obligations.

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